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    When I got home that night, it still hurt and I decided I would pull a prank on her and wrap it up in gauze and tell her it hurt so much I had to go see the doctor about it and he told me it was broken. So the next day, I walk into first period with the gauze wrapped around my thumb excited to see her face when I tell her she broke my thumb! She walks in and I tell her what happened. I'm really not sure if she was buying it at all, but before long I told her I was pranking her.

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    I was really proud of myself and saying "Come on, you have to admit, I had you for a minute there. The time my husband then boyfriend slept at my house, got up to pee in the middle of the night and ended up going into my parent's bedroom and getting into bed with them My mom realized he was there and said, I think you're in the wrong makarizo anti aging krémfürdő Next morning when my boyfriend went downstairs, my mom just looked at him and laughed and said I knew it wasn't dad because I felt hair hoping she meant the hair on his head cuz my dad's somewhat bald haha.

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    I don't think she ever told my dad haha. He and his wife Alma were visiting a chicken farm, when Alma asked the farmer about the rooster, who was very energetic as roosters are. Coolidge", he said.

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