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Listen Later Oct 22, It's casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Dave Weigel, national political correspondent for the Washington Post, as they walk through how the Democrats svájci anti aging interim klip approaching the midterms and what the voters think.

Sajnálatos módon napjainkban a magyar nyelvi műveltség alacsony fokú, a magyarul beszélők nagy részének nyelvi ismereteinek szintje alacsony. Anyanyelvünk még tudatosabb használatához kívánatos volna, hogy anyanyelvünk beszélői: 1.

Dave, Emma, and Sam jump into how the infrastructure and reconciliation failures are being read by voters, discussing how candidates are bringing it up on the campaign trail, why the average voter sees legislative hold up as evidence of policy failure, and why, despite their inability to emphasize its importance, Democrats should see Republican critiques failing to stick as a success. They also cover Biden's falling approval rating, and the perspective of people who'd really hoped he would bring back at least some sense of normalcy coming out of COVID.

Next, they jump into the Republican culture war shifting the battlegrounds into the schools and the spotlight onto the children, with their aim taking on critical race theory, trans rights, and school-based vax and mask mandates, and look at the VA McAuliffe v.

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Youngkin race as a key example of how Dems can, or cannot, handle this fight. Emma and Sam also discuss the state of reconciliation heading into next week and Biden's performance on the CNN town hall last night with Anderson Cooper.

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