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Anti-Aging cream? If I, a 15 year old, used anti-aging cream would anything happen?

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I'm not going to, I was just wondering. What you should follow is a cleansing toning and moisturizing regime and the sue of sunscreen. Drinks lots of water too. Leave the anti aging cream for when the wrinkles come on.


I heard it could damage young skin Honestly at 15, using a anti aging creme would not offer any results to you. At 15 your skin isn't suffering from aging and the cream was created for older women who are seeing wrinkles, age spots, and so on.

All of those a 15 year old wouldn't have. However, a caution to any one who uses any anti aging cream. The ingredient linked to this cancer is hydroquinone. So with this, I would warn you not to use anti aging products at all especially at your age.

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Enjoy your skin now and don't do anything to put it in jeopardy. In fact, it would prolly be good for your skin. If you are only fifteen why would you want to waste your money on crap like that?!?!?

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If you are that obsessed with your looks and aging I suggest that you save that money for plastic surgery in a few years! You are probably a beautiful young woman, who unfortuatly has bought into the hype our society has put on kids today.

June 8, 2012

If it really freaks you out that bad I suggest that you moisturize now. That is all you really need a 15, just find a good oil-free moisturizer, and use that daily! Prevention is the best medicine! At fifteen years of age,male or female,one is the target of multiple questionable advertisements.

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I wonder if this is the real source of your curiosity. Having recently worked for a cosmetic research lab I would caution anyone attemping any new cosmetic product to look at proven results. There are many label types for dermal products out there: ';revitalizing,'; ';moisturizing,'; ';rejuvenating';; however the basis that these labels are founded upon are often backed by minimal or false clinical trials.

There should be a sufficient level of Tocopheryl acetate but not exceeding the amount that is indicated by the cosmetic ingredient review board. Age is not the only factor to the drying of the skin, among others are over exposure to the sun,excessive washing of the body's natural skin oils, and excessive drying such as by a blow dryer or intense light.

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Your hairstyle also has alot to do with how much pressure is put on your pores. American consumers rely upon the Food and Drug Administration for protection from exposure to unsafe food, drug and cosmetic products. Institute a voluntary recall or court-ordered injunction or seizure for cosmetics containing ingredients that have not been sophyto anti aging antioxidants szerum safe through scientific testing that do not bear appropriate warnings, pursuant to 21 U. Clarify the requirements for adequate substantiation of safety, pursuant to 21 U.

Establish a requirement that manufacturers remove from cosmetic products any ingredient that contains any toxic impurity or that may combine with other ingredients to form harmful impurities, pursuant to 21 U. Initiate a voluntary recall or court-ordered injunction or seizure for cosmetics containing ingredients that may cause injury through ordinary use, pursuant to 21 U.

Publicly command all Internet vendors to display a conspicuous list of ingredients of cosmetic products sold on their websites, subject to injunction or seizure, pursuant to 21 C. Conduct an investigation of products containing chemical ingredients prioritized according to prevalence and toxicity, pursuant to 21 U.

EWG conducted a survey of 2, people, which shows that the average adult sophyto anti aging antioxidants szerum 9 cosmetic products each day, with unique chemical ingredients.

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More than a quarter of all women and one of every men use at least 15 cosmetic products daily. See id. Despite this population-wide exposure to cosmetic chemicals, the existing law governing cosmetics has cast a disturbingly narrow safety net.

Of the 7, products that EWG analyzed, just 28 have been fully assessed for safety by the cosmetic industry's review panel. All other products - See Skin Deep.

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According to FDA's Office of Cosmetics and Colors, ';a cosmetic manufacturer may use almost any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without an approval from FDA. A self-regulating industry panel is the only existing safety screen for cosmetics.

Because the FDA lacks authority to require pre-market safety assessments of cosmetics, the responsibility for ingredients safety review rests largely in the hands of the cosmetic industry's self-regulating panel, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review CIR.

No other independent authority exists that is charged with the review of cosmetic safety. Manufacturers may conduct their own testing, but this testing is not required to be made public or to be reported to the FDA. FDA sits on the panel as a non-voting member along with the other two founding organizations. Voting members are nominated by the three non-voting founding organizations, and are selected from the medical and scientific community.

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In analyzing a particular ingredient, CIR will conduct a review of scientific literature, provide for public comment, conduct public discussions of the panel's findings, and issue a final report in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The panel may direct industry to conduct studies or release unpublished data if existing scientific literature on the safety of ingredients is insufficient. See, e. In light of these safety considerations, it is of the utmost importance that FDA exercise its authority to the fullest extent possible to preserve the safety of American consumers.

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EWG has identified cosmetic products containing ingredients that may not have been proven safe, and fail to bear the required warning. See Exhibit A. These products may be misbranded and subject to voluntary recall, injunction or seizure. See 21 U. EWG has discovered 20 cosmetic products containing ingredients that may cause harm when used according to package directions.

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See Exhibit B. These products may be adulterated and subject to voluntary recall, injunction or seizure. EWG has visited 41 websites offering cosmetic products for sale without conspicuously listing the ingredients.

Anonymous said The indications of bronchial asthma - wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness - are related to signs and symptoms of bronchitis and in many cases soul condition, that might also bring about respiratory complications.

See Exhibit C. These websites may be selling misbranded products in violation of labeling requirements, and should be publicly notified of the violation and warned of potential injunction or seizure in the event of continued noncompliance.

EWG has developed a list of 9 toxic cosmetic ingredients, which are widely used and pose a serious threat of injury. See Exhibit D. Products containing these ingredients may be misbranded or adulterated, and are subject to FDA inspection, safety review, and enforcement action where warranted. EWG has identified cosmetic products which may sophyto anti aging antioxidants szerum have not been adequately substantiated for safety and do not bear the required warning.

For all of the products listed in Exhibit A, the CIR has formally concluded that at least one component ingredient has insufficient testing data to support the ingredients' safe use in cosmetics.