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Discovery[ edit ] The Myc family was first established after discovery of homology between an oncogene carried by the Avian virus, Myelocytomatosis v-myc; P and a human gene over-expressed in various cancers, cellular Myc c-Myc.

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In Burkitt's lymphoma, cancer cells show chromosomal translocationsmost commonly between chromosome 8 and chromosome 14 [t 8;14 ]. This causes c-Myc to be placed downstream of the highly active immunoglobulin Ig promoter region, leading to overexpression of Myc. Structure[ edit ] The protein product of Myc family genes all belong to the Myc family of transcription factors, which contain bHLH basic helix-loop-helix and LZ leucine zipper structural motifs.

Myc mRNA contains an IRES internal ribosome entry site that allows the RNA to be translated into protein when 5' cap -dependent translation is inhibited, such as during viral infection.

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Function[ edit ] Myc proteins are transcription factors that activate expression of many pro-proliferative genes through binding enhancer box sequences E-boxes and recruiting histone acetyltransferases HATs. Myc is thought to function by upregulating transcript elongation of actively transcribed genes through the recruitment of transcriptional elongation factors.

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By binding Miz-1 transcription factor and displacing the p co-activatorit inhibits expression of Miz-1 target genes. In addition, myc has a direct role in the control of DNA replication.

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The first to be discovered was its capability to drive cell proliferation upregulates cyclins, downregulates p21but it also plays a very important role in regulating cell growth upregulates ribosomal RNA and proteinsapoptosis downregulates Bcl-2differentiation, and stem cell self-renewal. Nucleotide metabolism genes are upregulated by Myc, [13] which are necessary for Myc induced proliferation [14] or cell growth.

Myc-nick[ edit ] Myc-Nick Myc-nick is a cytoplasmic form of Myc produced by a partial proteolytic cleavage formátum b5 svájci anti aging boríték full-length c-Myc and N-Myc.

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The cleavage of Myc by calpains is a constitutive process but is enhanced under conditions that require rapid downregulation of Myc levels, such as during terminal differentiation. Upon cleavage, the C-terminus of Myc containing the DNA binding domain is degraded, while Myc-nick, the N-terminal segment residue segment remains in the cytoplasm.

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Myc-nick contains binding domains for histone acetyltransferases and for ubiquitin ligases. The functions of Myc-nick are currently under investigation, but this new Myc family member was found to regulate cell morphology, at least in part, by interacting with acetyl transferases to promote the acetylation of α-tubulin.

Rapid publication: manuscripts are undertaken in 8 days from acceptance to publication median values for papers published in this journal indays of FREE language polishing time is also included in this period. OBM Geriatrics ;2 3 ; doi This is an open access article distributed under the conditions of the Creative Commons by Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium or format, provided the original work is correctly cited. Abstract Background: Stem cell technology is a promising research area with a potential to create effective therapies for many degenerative diseases.

Ectopic expression of Myc-nick accelerates the differentiation of committed myoblasts into muscle cells. Clinical significance[ edit ] A large body of evidence shows that Myc genes and proteins are highly relevant for treating tumors.

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Furthermore, the upregulation is nonlinear. Genes for which expression is already significantly upregulated in the absence of Myc are strongly boosted in the presence of Myc, whereas genes for which expression is low in the absence Myc get only a small boost when Myc is present. Hence inhibitors of SUMOylation may be a possible treatment for cancer.

Following myocardial infarction MI senescent cells accumulate into cardiac tissue. They contribute to MI-associated dysfunction via pro-oxidant phenotype and secretion of senescent-associated proteins SASP. MI activate aging pathways in the heart that are distinct from canonical senescent profile, resulting in a stress-sensitive cardiomyocytes, also in ischemia remote zone, promoting apoptosis.

Some of these RNAs have been shown to be specific for certain types of human tissues and tumors. Animal models[ edit ] In Drosophila Myc is encoded by the diminutive locus, which was known to geneticists prior to Drosophila has subsequently been used to implicate Myc in cell competition, [31] endoreplication, [32] and cell growth.

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To study the mechanism of tumorigenesis in Burkitt lymphoma by mimicking expression pattern of Myc in these cancer cells, transgenic mouse models were developed. Myc gene placed under the control of IgM heavy chain enhancer in transgenic mice gives rise to mainly lymphomas.

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Later on, in order to study effects of Myc in other types of cancer, transgenic mice that overexpress Myc in different tissues liver, breast were also made.

In all these mouse models overexpression of Myc causes tumorigenesis, illustrating the potency of Myc oncogene.


In a study with mice, reduced expression of Myc was shown to induce longevity, with significantly extended median and maximum lifespans in both sexes and a reduced mortality rate across all ages, better health, cancer progression was slower, better metabolism and they had smaller bodies. The study by John M. The phenotypes seen oppose the effects of normal snf suisse anti aging and are shared with many other long-lived mouse models such as CR calorie restriction ames dwarf, rapamycin, metformin and resveratrol.

One study found that Myc and p53 genes were key to the survival of chronic myeloid leukaemia CML cells.

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Targeting Myc and p53 proteins with drugs gave positive results on mice with CML. In neural stem cells, N-Myc promotes a rapidly proliferative stem cell and precursor-like state in the developing brain, snf suisse anti aging inhibiting differentiation. It is one of the original factors discovered by Yamanaka et al. It has since been shown that it is possible to generate iPSCs without c-Myc.