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First and foremost I would like to add a little note to the English version. My mother tongue is not English in order that if I make any grammatical mistake than please forgive me. Furthermore if you, my dear reader, correct me I would highly appreciate that. Thank you Not too long ago my sister Gabi came to see me in Cambridge. We visited some nice places and spent some quality time together having quantumwave anti aging képek and coffees.

Once she ordered a cappuccino and putting it down on the table I was watching that frothy warm drink and started wondering why the liquid stays in the cup. Why does not the whole thing fall through the table? I am asking these questions because on subatomic level an atom and the particles, quantumwave anti aging képek build up the atoms, are nothing more than empty space.

Why do we sense that anything is solid or liquid? By the way what is responsible for sticking the subatomic world and us together if there is nothing and this nothing exists only in probability states? I hope the explanation will be clear and you can connect the dots. Meanwhile, just to confuse you more dear reader, I will share some interesting facts with you, doing this to have more fun and in addition to relax a bit.

Better mood equals easier knowledge acquisition. Interesting fact 1: So the vacuum is empty! Excuse me? The subatomic world is swarming and vibrating with particles as they popping in and out of existence. You, dear reader can say now that seeing is believing but scientists conducted an experiment which proves that nothing is NOT empty.

Quantumwave anti aging képek experiment is the following: Scientists put two metal plates in vacuum very close to each other.

And because they assumed that there was nothing in the vacuum which could have made the two plates move, they expected the plates would stay still forever and ever. They were wrong. He and his peers imagined around years ago quantumwave anti aging képek atom s and its electron s like this: Years passed by and after so many experiments and so many calculations scientists imagined it like this: Electron cloud I mean like this: Those dear readers, who blessed with some mathematical skills, can use the hydrogen wave function, shown on the picture below, to determine the whereabouts of the possible position of an electron.

One more word for the pictures above and below, where there is brighter, the probability of the position of the electron is more likely.

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So, okay, this whole system looks more like this in 3 dimension below : Here comes a very short description of the letters and numbers shown on the pictures.

This subject will be a bit dull so if somebody does not want his or her neurons to be overloaded, just jump over this section. Interesting fact 2: The mass of a hydrogen atom is less than the sum of the mass of the electron and proton which build up the atom. So the letters and numbers describe the features of the orbitals of an atom. Their names are quantum numbers. There are four quantum numbers.

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Principal quantum number, n. This number describes the distance of an electron from the nucleus.

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Smaller the number lesser the energy closer the electron is to the nucleus. Orbitals with the same principal quantum numbers designates shells. These shells describes electrons moving on the same orbitals. Angular momentum quantum number, l. This number describes the shape of the orbital. The same angular momentum numbers on the same shells designate sub-shells.

We should imagine this whole system in a 3 dimensional frame of reference, along the x, y, and z axis, like this below: 3. Magnetic quantum number, m. This number describes the spatial distribution of the charge of an electron and how the electron behaves in a magnetic field.

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Furthermore the magnetic quantum number determines the number of orbitals and their orientation within a subshell. Spin quantum number, ms. This number describes the magnetic features of an atom because electrons besides of their orbital movements, they have their own angular momentum, so called spin. Electrons behave like magnets which can only quantumwave anti aging képek set in a magnetic field in two ways. In alignment with the field or the opposite.

Summary: All right I admit this is a bit difficult. However examining the table a little bit the whole thing becomes clearer. The topic written above defines a lot of things ha-ha, if you jumped over it, you should go back and start reading for instance; how an atom is built, how it behaves and what determines this behaviour. Experiments and calculations of researchers and scientists show that the basic state of an atom points towards to the smallest energy level.

In order that I must say that an atom does not differ much from us or we from them which is not a big surprise because they build us up after all. And this is one of the three underlying principles which describes what rules the build-up of an atom.

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No, not the laziness my dear reader but the tendency to try after the lowest energy level. This principle states that the electrons always try to take the lowest free energy levels in an atom and they try to fill up the lowest energy shells first. Second principle is the so called Hund rule. Shortly it says that the electrons try to avoid each other on the sub shells to minimize the repulsion because electrons are negatively charged so they repel each other.

In order that they try to settle as far as they can from one another so aspire to orbit unpaired and they only fill up the higher energy level sub shells when all the other options quantumwave anti aging képek done.

It does not orbit. It jumps from one energy level to the other without covering the distance in-between. It teleports if you like. It appears on one level and disappears after meanwhile it absorbs or emits photon energy depending on it jumps from the lower level to the higher or the opposite.

At least their spins need to quantumwave anti aging képek different. With other words, two identical quantumwave anti aging képek cannot be placed on the same energy level of an atom.

Even if they try to reach the lowest energy level they need to have a bit different wave function. And this phenomena is applied to protons and neutrons as well because they are also the parts of the fermion family. Fermions are the building blocks of matter.

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And the best part is just coming now. So it does not matter how fast the changes are in subatomic level because it is superfast, you can bet, if one of these little fellows jumps one level that makes the others to jump as well no matter how far they are from each other in the universe. The whole system shifts at once! This raises a question in the light that there is a speed limit in this universe which sets quite serious barrier in front of the immediate exchange of information in huge distances.

Without getting into more details I quantumwave anti aging képek like to say two words: quantum entanglement. And here comes the small print guys always read the quantumwave anti aging képek print please, especially if it comes to a contract. Most of the time physicists use a box analogy to explain the whole fuss around this energy level misery.

So, the box represents a system with a given energy level.

The size of the box determine this level, if the size changes the level also changes. For instance: the positions of the protons as a box like a system which contains the electrons as well determine the energy level.

Instead of more complications here comes another interesting fact. Interesting fact 3: If I take the amount of energy in the vacuum within the hydrogen atom which volume is cm3 that energy is trillion times more than the sum of all the masses of all the stars and all the planets within 20 billion light-years. There are scientists who say that this amount of energy in a single hydrogen atom is enough to recreate the whole universe.

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So why all this underlying principles do matters? Because if all the electrons occupy the same lowest energy level than the elements cannot be formed hence there are no quantumwave anti aging képek, no biology therefor no life at all. Only a motionless dead universe. Spot on, they share electrons on different energy levels. See covalent bond. And here we come. And why we do not fall through the floor. Furthermore this is why huge variety of the elements exist, also this forces behind these principles balance out gravity in stars preventing them to collapse into themselves preventing until they just able to resist gravitational pull, see: black holes, neutron stars, supernovae.

So we walk on invisible fields created by invisible forces which creates the illusion we touching something solid. We also found out that this whole thing is nothing more than empty space, nothing basically touches anything and this whole is just an illusion. Of course there are other forces and relationships in work as well what I would like to share with you in another post when I will write about the Standard Model of Physics.

Interesting fact 4: There is no such measurement which support that particles have physical dimensions. We think they are point-like but they are not.

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They are excited pieces of fields, charged sets or segments of space. They are zero dimensional, I mean they are infinite not expressed dimensional; denser or thinner manifestation of a filed or space. I am going to tell you, my dear reader, who to build a time-machine if I have already mentioned it in the title.

If I would ask an engineer to team up with a physicist and build one, they would probably ask me one question: how big is the budget?

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One of those hitches is that according to nowadays physics we cannot start our journey backwards in time only ahead. So far. So, here we go. First, we need to build a superbly equipped lab where we can work with huge amounts of energy without demolishing the whole solar system.

Also, the lab should be located in a safe and steady place.

Furthermore we should build a spaceship which can travel with the speed very close to the speed of light. Next step is to open an Einstein-Rosen bridge aka. Wormhole with other words we should warp the space-time from the lab to the spaceship and keep this portal open between the lab and the ship. The point is to keep the portal open at all the time. So the surprise is now coming! And here we go ladies and gentlemen I represent you a time-machine. So this is the theory.

In addition to build a beste anti age creme dm which is capable to travel close to light speed we need loads of fuel and this fuel needs to be carried by the ship, only if the ship is capable to extract it from the surrounding vacuum.

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We need that speed for the time dilation twin paradox. On the other hand warp engine can be handy in the lab to open an Einstein-Rosen bridge. Next hitch is, amongst couple others, if we walk back to the past we can cause — with any of our acts — time paradoxes see: butterfly effect, granddad paradox, chaos theory in our future which is now our present — if we are in the spaceship couple hundred years later. I hope you can follow.

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I think I need to have a chat with Elon Musk. Interesting fact 5: It looks like that Hungarian yeah scientists discovered the fifth force in nature. Just to remind you the other four are the following: Electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force and gravity. Well done my fellow Hungarians!

The good news are that there are ongoing experiments on the warp drive and on tapping the vacuum energy. So far we cannot start our journey backwards in time because of the known flow of time but in physics there are no such laws which forbids that quite the opposite. So if something can go ahead it can be reversed as well.

But just mind those nasty paradoxes, like the one of what was first the egg or the chicken? The thing is that in this universe if it is real or not some holographic one we can answer at least this question with some certainty.