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Inaudible interjections from the floor from Mr Martusciello President. I explained very clearly why it is not acceptable. Please sit down.

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The Commissioner has the floor. Stop please. Stella Kyriakides, Member of the Commission.

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First of all, as I look back onthe feeling I have is of being heartbroken for so many lives that have been lost. But I also feel pride and I feel gratitude when I think of all the frontline workers and all the doctors and nurses who have sacrificed, how neighbours have rallied around each other, and how the European Union came together to support citizens of Member States.

prece pela anti aging care

It has reminded us of the foundational role that health plays in our societies and our economies. It acella anti aging szérum vélemények highlighted the vital importance of solidarity, and this has amplified structural vulnerabilities in our health system. The Commission is determined to heed these lessons and take decisive action in partnership with the European Parliament and Member States.

Yesterday, we adopted an ambitious prece pela anti aging care strategy for Europe. It is an important building block in a genuine European health union and I am truly delighted to have the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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I will share with you that this was a strategy that was prece pela anti aging care my mandate letter from President von der Leyen one year ago. When I saw it there, I knew that we were faced with challenges with the pharmaceutical situation in Europe, but I never imagined that we would be presenting it in the COVID—19 crisis.

It has changed a lot and we have adjusted many things in this strategy from what we have learned in this pandemic.

Sütőtök mousse vaníliás öntettel Kertkonyha Adj te is élményt karácsonyi ajándékba. Greger után szabadon Aki nem ismeri Dr. Michael Gregert, ő az Így ne halj meg c. Nagy tisztelője vagyok, és nagyon fontosnak tartom, amit csinál. Rengeteg orvosi tényekkel alátámasztott, mégis közérthető videót készített már számtalan témában, ami nagy segítségére van minden vegánnak.

It focuses on four key areas. Secondly, ensuring innovation to boost the potential of our pharmaceutical industry and increasing support for unmet medical needs of patients.

This includes harnessing the benefits of emerging science and technology and reducing the environmental footprint.

It is no good having innovation if you cannot have this reach patients. Third, building strategic autonomy, developing resilient and diverse types of supply chains, and addressing the root causes of shortages of medicines.

And finally, fourth, to promote EU influence and competitiveness at global level and ensure a level playing field for EU operators.

prece pela anti aging care

So the pharmaceutical strategy aims to cover the whole life cycle of medicine, from research to clinical trials and authorisation, from consumption to safe disposal.

Honourable Members, the current pharmaceutical legislation has served us well. However, we are now living in a vastly different reality. Over the next two years, we will work hard on the reform of the pharmaceutical legislation. This reform will address all the angles I mentioned, but always putting the patient at the centre and always ensuring that our pharmaceutical industry maintains its global leadership.

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This applies to the framework for medicines, for children and rare diseases. However, this strategy is not just about changes to legislation. We will also simplify the regulatory procedure allowing quicker access to innovative and affordable medicines for patients, such as gene-editing technologies and personalised treatments; to facilitate the development of novel antibiotics and to combat antimicrobial resistance; to increase the uptake of generics and biosimilars.

We will also create a health data space where regulators and the industry can exchange data for the benefit of patients and provide for simple solutions such as electronic product information. At the same time, we will revise our system of initiatives for research and development to ensure those incentives are fair and balanced while allowing the EU industry to remain innovative and competitive worldwide. We will also take action to make medicines more environmentally friendly.

Last, but definitely not least, we aim to address shortages of medicines by reinforcing the current obligations for supply, and require an early notification of interruption.

In parallel, we will strengthen coordination with key stakeholders and industry and patient associations by establishing a structural dialogue to better understand vulnerabilities in the supply chain. I just want to end by saying a few words.

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There are thousands of European Union citizens who are today suffering from rare diseases, and there are thousands of families who have children with cancer, and they do not have access to the medicines that we would want them to have that would give them a better quality of life and hope.

The way forward with this is to encourage innovation and to make sure that no matter where you live, no matter which Member State you belong to, you have equal access to safe and affordable and innovative medicines.

prece pela anti aging care

The road is not going to be hialuronsavas szemcsepp, and this is a strategy that is a vision, and it is a vision with actions that will be developing over the next four years. If we work together, we can bring together new legislation, but also other actions that are really going to change the realities for access to medicines for citizens across the Member Prece pela anti aging care, and this is a responsibility that we will definitely do our best to stand up to.

Con esta Estrategia debemos lograr ser capaces de afrontar cualquier pandemia o amenaza sanitaria, poner al paciente en el centro de todas las decisiones, dar solución a las necesidades médicas no atendidas, asegurar el acceso a los medicamentos para todos, fortalecer la competitividad de la industria europea y hacer que Europa sea líder mundial en investigación y en el cuidado de la salud.

prece pela anti aging care

Debemos invertir más en la lucha contra la resistencia a los antimicrobianos y su rápida propagación, que amenaza a Europa con más de 33 personas fallecidas al año. Debemos dar respuesta a los pacientes y a sus familiares ante esta gran desesperación.

Tenemos una gran brecha en la investigación y el desarrollo de medicamentos pediátricos, y nuestros hijos son lo primero. O que tenga que esperar entre 90 o 1 días para que un fármaco se comercialice después de haber sido aprobado.

La Estrategia también debe fortalecer la competitividad de la industria farmacéutica, fomentando un sistema normativo estable y sólido, mejorando la contratación pública, agilizando los procedimientos de aprobación sin renunciar a la seguridad y facilitando la puesta a disposición de medicamentos de calidad.

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También debe ser una realidad la transformación tecnológica y digital, utilizando la inteligencia artificial para mejorar la detección precoz y avanzar en tratamientos innovadores y personalizados.

Y debemos impulsar la producción en Europa y nuestra autonomía industrial para no depender de terceros países. Son muchos los retos que tenemos por delante y debemos dar respuesta a cada uno de ellos. Y para conseguirlo debemos trabajar juntos los sectores público y privado. Solo así conseguiremos el equilibrio entre la innovación, la accesibilidad a esta y la sostenibilidad de los sistemas nacionales de salud.

Solo así protegeremos uno de los grandes derechos fundamentales, la salud de todos, y con mucha esperanza para todos. Jag vill tacka kommissionär Stella Kyriakides för hennes utmärkta inledning.

'észak-koreai szerző' címkével ellátott könyvek a rukkolán

Det är ett viktigt steg på vägen mot en europeisk hälsounion där vi lägger grunden för att EU bättre ska kunna hantera de risker som vi möter just nu i pandemin, men också i framtiden.

Läkemedel ger stora möjligheter att både bota och lindra sjukdomar, men vi har också en mängd utmaningar. Vi måste se till att vi har en jämlik tillgång till läkemedel för hela befolkningen. Vi måste också ha en miljömässigt hållbar läkemedelsanvändning. Användningen måste vara effektiv och säker, och förhållandet mellan kostnader och behandling måste vara ultra lite anti aging sejtjavítás. Vi visste och vi ser att redan före covidkrisen fanns det brister, och vi ser nu att det är mycket glädjande att kommissionen föreslår konkreta åtgärder.

prece pela anti aging care

Det är ett utmärkt tillfälle att stärka patientsäkerheten. Patientperspektivet måste vara i fokus, samtidigt som det är viktigt att vi ser industri- och konkurrensfrågorna. Covidpandemin har visat bristerna. Vi måste säkerställa att Europa aldrig mer kommer att uppleva brist på läkemedel och medicinsk utrustning.

Vi kommer att ha nya pandemiska hot också framöver. Så jag förväntar mig att detta leder till konkreta åtgärder och detta, Europakollegor, detta är Europas medborgare.

Vous pouvez appuyer sur la gâchette. Votre main droite doit agripper fermement la poignée arrière, et votre main gauche la poignée avant. Voir Figure Cela stabilise la branche et rend la coupe plus facile à effectuer.

De har rätt att förvänta sig detta av EU. Véronique Trillet-Lenoir, au nom du groupe Renew. Et nous saluons la révision des législations européennes sur les médicaments dédiés aux maladies des enfants, en particulier aux cancers et aux maladies rares.

Rigoureusement évalués. Nous disposerons ainsi des moyens de déterminer ensemble la valeur ajoutée des médicaments.

prece pela anti aging care

Abordables, car cette valeur ajoutée déterminera la valeur tout court et améliorera la convergence des prix.