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Please tell us something about the foundation, the development and the releases of Karst first! Metallic clangs to you, Daniel!

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I originally joined as bass player, and did so until our original vocalist whose voice can be heard on our first demo - [] Sinister Nightfall left the band and I took his place leaving the four string for a musician who could handle it with more confidence. Bőroptika anti aging next release örökblu anti aging támogatás been recorded with örökblu anti aging támogatás lineup, unfortunately our bass player back in the day, who had excellent musical ideas and played guitar very well too was uncomfortable with playing in front of audience, which is essential to the band from the beginning.

At present the band works well-oiled, creative process is unlike any other period. Only "negative development" is that growing up makes band issues more complicated, we are busy in different cities, not in Miskolc. However, we meet in Miskolc to rehearse. As Karst we have four releases so far. This demo contains three songs, we have never made any physical copies of it, because all of them were re-recorded for our örökblu anti aging támogatás album "Cleaning a Cave".

The first album is a closure of a long period of struggles, band member changes, the songs are ordered striclty by writing date. First song is the oldest, last is the newest. We have a split release and the new album "Lime Veins Bleed" rust so far. The band was called Nebulosus Fatum before from to and you released a demo and en EP.

Why did you change the band name after that? And is Karst actually still the band for you? To be honest I did not like the name Nebulosus Fatum the moment I joined the band. Changing the name was also a statement of falling out of the black metal genre, but indeed I feel continuity between the "two bands". What does the band name Karst actually mean? Is it an Hungarian term? No, it is originally a german word!

Nowadays it works as an international geographic term for limestone mountains, caves inside them, dolinas and springs, etc. Which bands are your main influences?

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And have these influences changed after the name change? My main influences were Voivod, Darkthrone and Napalm Death to start playing extreme music.

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The change of the name did not make any effect on any member of the band. Naturally every member finds some new music from time time, and of course we have much in common when it comes to what our favourites are.

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What are your lyrics about? From the moment I could write lyrics for Nebulosus Fatum I had an urge to write nothing but typical black metal lyrics. I think my lyrics were the first "unorthodox" parts prior to major changes in the music. Lime Veins Bleed Rust is slightly different, because I wanted to write more straight-forward lyrics still rich in pictures while having a message that is not universal-transcendental bullshit as previous, but reflecting on the contradictions of the world we live in.

Why did you choose to write your lyrics in Hungarian, and not in English language?

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Don't you think you would reach a much wider audience abroad when people understand your lyrics? For Karst I prefer writing lyrics on my native language.

We have discussed this problem and came up with a partial solution. Also, your split with Octahed, was a hand-numbered CD-R. Don't marc amyot svájc anti aging think your music could reach a wider audience? Or is it just because of your total underground attitude?

We still have a few copies left, therefore I see no point producing larger quantities by ourselves. We would be most satisfied if we ran out of copies - case closed.

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Wasn't any label interested in releasing a CD version of both releases? Or don't you care about that? We have made some efforts advertising our music to labels with the new album, as a result in the future you may get your pawns on a professionally produced Lime Veins Bleed Rust and a Cleaning a Cave CD. We are not planning to reissue the split though.

What about the split release with Octahed? How did you get in contact with this band?

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By mere chance we have just been looking for an opportunity to do a split with some band, because we had those two songs not fitting the planned second album. Do you also play live? And if so: Did you already support a "bigger" band in Hungary?


I can't say we have been very active in this matter, because we have played only four concerts in this year so far. How important is it for you to play live and not only to record something in the studio?

A song needs to work live before we go to the studio to record it. We have tried out all our songs on stage, often re-thinking the structure before releasing them. Let's talk about the Hungarian scene now, OK? Because Örökblu anti aging támogatás love a lot of Hungarian bands actually!

Let's come to the Hungarian black metal scene first, OK? Do you know and like them all? And were they örökblu anti aging támogatás influences for Karst and Nebulosus Fatum?

Tormentor is something you cannot pass, even if you are not from Hungary. I love Sear Bliss for sure, and I know the rest of the names mentioned. Vorgrov, who made Marblebog attended to many early Nebulosus Fatum concerts! We have talked a lot those days, and we have common friends. Shame he quit playing music and he is not the part of the underground now, I hope this will change some time!

These two bands had a huge impact on us. We even played a tribute show for Ater Tenebrae inthe 21st of December the so-called Maya Escathon, rumoured End of the World playing all their songs. What do you think about the big heavy metal bands in Hungary?

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Do you like them, too? Or don't you care about them? I quickly get bored of 80's heavy metal except Iron Maiden to be honest.

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Hungarian lyrics did really good service for these bands gaining a relatively cult status abroad. It is baffling for me how many new teenager fans they have! Anyway, those kids are not into metalcore at least, and that's a start!

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On the other hand Stress and Rotor for instance are real survivors and deserve more respect than they have nowadays. Rotor is from our hometown as well! What are the future plans with Karst? A shorter release, music written, I need to write lyrics in English in this case. As soon as it will be out, you will understand, why am I writing English lyrics for this one. The music is more traditional metal than our previous releases.