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László Molnár.

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It was the second stroke unit in Europe. Sincethe research teams deal with two main aspects of vascular diseases: investigations of stroke risks and acute stroke patients and clinicopathological comparisons. During the last decades the anti age bőrápolási rutin results have been achieved: A1. A new method was developed for regional distribution of blood content in ischemic brain tissue.

Human, whole-brain autoradiography and a method for investigating the ischemic penumbra were established in Debrecen. The Debrecen Stroke databank patients has been also created.

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The accuracy of neurosonological methods for diagnosing subclinical vascular wall lesions have been validated with clinicopathological comparisons. Results on stroke-risk and stroke patients A4. A new neurosonological method was developed for simultaneous testing of cardiac and cerebraral hemodynamics.

Várjuk Pácienseinket a röntgen és fogászati ct részlegünkön is! Felhívjuk kedves Pácienseink figyelmét, hogy fogászati CT, illetve fogászati röntgen esetén védettségi igazolvány bemutatása szükséges.

The impairment of cerebral hemodynamics is present in stroke risk patients hypertension, diabetes, migraine before the development of clinical symptoms. The non-treated hypertension the most important stroke risk factor alone and in combination with hyperlipidemia worsens not only the carotid intima-media-thickness and arterial stiffness, but also the cognition.

Both vessel wall properties and cognitive test improve neurológia anti aging antihypertensive therapy. The hemostasis and the outcome after thrombolysis ectoin anti aging been also investigated.

Neuropathological studies Dr. Hortobágyi is a neuropathologist and works in the research group as a part-time employee. He collaborates with szemszárazságra spray other research groups anti aging alvás abroad. Investigation of demyelinating CNS diseases Dr. Csépány contributes significantly to the work of this research team. She performs studies in multiple sclerosis and investigates risks of MS neurológia anti aging MS relapses, outcomes of MS and neuromyelitis optica, as well as the diagnostic criteria and therapeutic effects of immuntherapy and immunmodulating agents.

She also contributed to the development of differential diagnostic criteria of MS and neuromyelitis optica. She is a member of The Scientific Panel on Multiple sclerosis, which is dedicated to coordinate research and treatment guidelines for demyelinating diseases.

László Csiba is the leader of the group, who has publications with 10 independent citations.

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His impact factor IF of articles with first or last authorship is At present, he is the president of Hungarian Neurological Society. Clinical Neurophysiology, Epilepsy and Epidemiology Research Group This research group focuses on epilepsy research, clinical neurophysiology investigations, but examines also the epidemiology of stroke and epilepsy.

The main results af the research group are summarized below. Outcome of antiepileptic drug treatment of patients with epilepsy In a logistic regression model, other CNS-related drugs and the number of prescribed antiepileptic drugs have had a significant influence on the desired outcome of seizure freedom.

The careful drug selection for epileptic patients must be highlighted in order to improve the outcome, reduce ADRs.

Sátori Mária neurológus Klinikánk szakrendelése elsődleges feladatként tartja szem előtt — mint az anti-aging medicina egyik fontos szakterülete - hogy a betegségeket megelőzzük, korán diagnózishoz jussunk a megfelelő időben elkezdett terápia érdekében. Neurológiai betegségek esetén sokszor már visszafordíthatatlan tünetekkel, panaszokkal számolhatunk, de ha odafigyelünk a figyelmeztető jelekre, tünetekre, akkor megelőzhetjük, vagy késleltethetjük mindezt.

References for monotherapy DDD values are needed, in order to help with decision making in health care using appropriate calculations. Status epilepticus SE In everyday practice real-life data are essential.

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The worst outcome of SE was linked to advanced age, aetiology, new onset, non-convulsive and focal status epilepticus. The administration of newer type AEDs in the SE treatment may have an impact on the prescription pattern after discharge, however older type AEDs are a reasonable choice to achieve seizure freedom after SE. Seizure freedom was significantly higher among patients taking levetiracetam, carbamazepine and valproate.

Clinical neurophysiological examination in evaluating neurológia anti aging in brain haemorrhage Alteration of the EEG and TMS parameters anticipated the change in the clinical status.

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The TMS amplitudes had a better prognostic value than the latencies. Fourteen-days TMS findings showed progression in most of the patients, and neurológia anti aging was severe in those who died.

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The measured blood volume on the first CT was significantly associated with the 3-months-TMS findings. For bilateral functional disturbance in many patients diaschisis effect could be responsible.

Correlation of the severity of symptoms and the findings of electromyography, electroneurography, blink reflex in ALS and parameters estimating prognosis of ALS with repeated examinations were investigated. SFEMG was done to measure fiber density and jitter. Even in patients referred early neurológia anti aging the symptoms were only mild and localized, the neurophysiological findings were already severe. Fasciculation and fibrillation in clinically not involved muscles are early characteristic signs in ALS.

The blink reflex examinations revealed loss of lower brainstem interneurons connectivity. In conclusion, clinical neurophysiological examinations are important not only in diagnostics, but by following the progression too. Investigation of polyneuropathies and myasthenia gravis In addition to the research topics mentioned above, Dr.

Boczán investigates the orvins suisse anti aging background of herediter polyneuropathies, analyses the immuntherapy of refractory myasthenia gravis, and she is also involved in the investigation neurológia anti aging the renin-angiotensin system in cardiovascular diseases. Investigation of stroke epidemiology The research group observed that repeated rtPA treatment might be safe and effective in patients who had mild or moderate residual symptoms after the index stroke.

In this collaborative work high probability of good outcome was shown in acute ischemic stroke patients treated by intravenous thrombolysis.

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Safety and efficacy of intravenous thrombolysis was found in cases of in-hospital-stroke. Professor Fekete is the leader of this research group. He is a full professor of neurology with huge experience in clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy research.

His IF ishe published articles, his citation number is Moreover, Dr. Boczán deals with neurogenetics; at present she has been the president of the Hungarian Society of Clinical Neurogenetics.

Neurológia, Konzultáció, általános vizsgálat - Neurológus

They were one of the first in Hungary to examine neurológia anti aging neuronal activity evoked regional flow response, i. The research team focused on investigating the neurovascular coupling and cerebral circulation, as well as the vessel morphology.

The main results of the research group are summarized below. C1 Smoking as a stroke risk factor caused long-term disturbance of neurovascular coupling. C2 Alcohol, also as a stroke risk factor, inhibited the cerebral autoregulation during orthostatic stress, had influence on the neurovascular coupling, and through these mechanisms it might contribute to the increased risk of stroke and syncope.

Alcohol consumption was shown to mask the symptoms of vertebrobasilar stroke, therefore it may delay the recognition and treatment of stroke. C3 Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and hypocapnia, as vasoconstrictive factors, significantly inhibited the neurovascular coupling. C4 The potent vasodilator acetazolamide did not influence significantly the neurovascular coupling. C5 The conventional stroke risk factors had negative effects on voasodilation of cerebral microvessels, morphology of cerebral vessels, and cognitive functions.

Neurológia Neurológia A neurológia, vagy más néven az ideggyógyászat a központi és a perifériás idegrendszer organikus szervi eredetű zavarainak és betegségeinek felismerésével és kezelésével fogalkozik.

C6 Autoregulation was disturbed in the early phase of multiple sclerosis. C7 word recognition based on visual stimulus in sighted and tactile stimulus in blind people resulted in similar flow velocity increase in the posterior cerebral arteries and similar occipital cortex activation.

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The research group cooperates with several scientific teams at the university, which activity is proved by joint publications. Active collaboration with other european neurosonology centers e. Department of Neurology, University of Giessen and Israelian researchers are indicated by common publications and book chapters. In the research group played leading role in organizing the Conference neurológia anti aging the European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics and the World Federation of Neurosonology in Budapest, Hungary.

In a Case-based workshop was organised with participation of the research team at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology Amsterdam.


Oláh is the leader of this research group. He is a full professor of neurology and the head of the Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen. His IF is Q3 Neuroscience miscellaneous IF: 1. Cardiol Res Pract. Open Med. Q3 Medicine miscellaneous IF: 1. BMC Neurol.

J Clin Med. IF: 3. Medicine Baltimore. Q2 Medicine miscellaneous IF: 1. Q1 Neurology.