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Romulus and Remus are the twins of princess Hermitage anti aging bőrápoló rendszer Silvia of Egiptian origin and Mars, the god of war, the founders of the city Ravenna-Rome. In the time of St. Stephen was still living the Hungarian-etrusc and Hungarian-chaldean sameness, this was also determinative of the fact that St.

Stephen built in Ravenna St. The Farkas eng. Wolf surname revives ancient times in the Carpathian Basin also in Sacelethe wolf is also an initiatory symbol of our shamans.

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Dowdy in an ancient word formation. It can be detected that the latin is also a derivative language of the ancient Hungarian.

FA, in many cases, means the son, the phylogenetic tree, lineage. The legend of the tree that reached the sky expresses also that branching of the noble Hungarians is similar to the tree trunk, and our believes can be traced back to the heavens. RA is the god of the sun, also having the meaning of father. Kö- is tide to the circle, the god of the circle, the male god of the Sun.

The Huns used the expression jugra instead of wolf. According to the legend mentioned above, the stories is identifiable in the north-northeasterly region of Small Asia. The Hungarians were the famous sword forgers of the ancient times, in the time of Álmos the Castle of Keve — Kiev was the famous citadel of the sword forgers.

Kardkovács eng.

Sword forger is a well known surname in the Carpathian Basin. There is no shortage in metals, iron was found in Chalybes and Tibaren mostly. In this region, in the homeland of Tubalkain, mention the Sumerians the ore settlements, Homerus places here the hermitage anti aging bőrápoló rendszer of Alybe, the cradle of silver.

Tubal is actually Tabali, where lived the members of an Anatolian tribe, who were the neighbours of the Khalibs, who handled iron processing.

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According to the Book of Genesis Csilla-Czilla gave birth to Tubalkain, the forger of every copper and iron tool. The divine sword of King Arthur, the Excalibur, can be traced back to the name of the khalibs, who lived in the region of Pontus.

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The Subar and Hungarian popular names meant sword in many ancient languages. A different name of the khalibs is khaldaios, already contains the word kard eng. Swordbut the words kelevéz eng.

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Hammer - kalappatukolomp eng. Bellkalimpál eng.

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To wobble are immediately connected. Rusa the Second, the King of Urartu went to war against Halitu where the mountain people of the khaldeuses lived, who are mentioned by the Bates módszer szemtorna as famous iron suppliers. The khalds of Asia can also be the ancesters of the Celtics, but they can also be identical to the khalds living inter-stream. The golden treasures which came to surface from the graves cannot be approached by todays goldsmiths.

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The metalworking was the inheritance of the insiders, and the excavations did not reveal ancient Hungarian forges only in the Carpathian Basin. The Turkish people are the same as the Hungarians from Anatolia who were made Turkish by the Islamic conquerors.

So, those who we call today Turkish, a thousand years ago were lords. That is, their entire language, their dialect has its origins in ancient Hungarian, the complete take-over of this and semitic override.

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This is why the Turkish must have known our common folk origins since Mohács, although the Turkish emperors tried to destroy it. In the history of the Hungarians and Turks, Hétfalu and Barcaság play a key-role. Here the interpretation of Cenk is the most important.

In the ancient Hungarian language cenk is the puppy of the animals belonging to dogs and cats. The Turkish gends and the Hungarian gyenge eng. From another approach it also means battle. Nagycenk is a town, Kiscenk is a village in Sopron county in Hungary, Cente is a village in Doboka county in Transylvania. In Turkish it also means incurable dog, for the Moldavian Csangos cenke means dog, worthless man, and for the poet Ady it means nothingness.

But if we approach it through the Uyghurs, cenk means liberty, victory.

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