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    DOI: Thus, it has been an ongoing dream of mankind to improve health span and extend the lifespan. In the last century, there is a great increase in the search for eternal youth and an insatiable appetite for methods which could turn back the clock.

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    Survival curves are key components of lifespan experiments. Many interventions have been reported to extend the lifespan, including the administration of pharmaceuticals, calorie restriction, and genetic alteration. However, few studies have attempted to provide a comprehensive analysis of the mechanism by which these various methods function to extend lifespan.

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    We recently collected survival curves from published papers and recovered data by fitting models. The analysis results highlight the overall advantage of calorie restriction and its mimetics in aging and demonstrate that hypoglycemic agents and antioxidants have a superior effect on lifespan extension via a pattern of global integrity compared to other medications.

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    This review provides a scientific foundation for the discovery of effective anti-aging agents and the formulation of scientific anti-aging strategies. Keywords: Aging and anti-aging; Calorie restriction; Meta-analysis; Survival curve.

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