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    Vulnerability of unaccompanied and separated child migrants Briefing The United Nations Children's Fund Unicef has estimated that the number of migrant children increased from 24 million during the — period to 33 million in There are various reasons why a child may be unaccompanied or get separated, including persecution of the child or the parents; international conflict and civil Child labour: A priority for EU human rights action Briefing Despite a comprehensive normative international framework that prohibits child labour, it persists in many areas of the world, particularly in developing countries.

    In sub-Saharan-Africa, it has even increased in recent years. More efforts are therefore needed to combat child labour. However, not all work performed by children is harmful to their health and development.

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    The first task is therefore to distinguish child labour — which entails harmful forms of work — from other forms of children's involvement With a rapidly growing population, Africa is forecast to make up for much of the population decline in other parts of the world in the coming decades.

    As a result, byone in four working-age persons in the world could be African. This demographic dynamism brings enormous challenges and opportunities. If well managed, felmérés eutanasia svájc anti aging could drive an African economic miracle, which will shape the history of the Child under-nutrition in developing countries Rövid áttekintés With 3.

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    NGOs have pushed for the fight against child under-nutrition, and provision of universal access to adequate nutritious food, to remain one of the major targets of the post Millennium Development Goals' agenda for both the EU and the broader international community.

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