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The resolution of the bi-frequency mode depends on the fixed divider size whose output signal duty cycle can be varied by detecting any intermediate state of the counter. The modulator and fixed divider number of bits are chosen alike to yield programmable integer division ratios that can be varied by unity.

The overall division ratio is chosen big enough to guarantee the continuity of the thermal compensation —variable division resolution should be lower than bi-frequency range- but at a scaled power of two of the desired output clock e.

To center thermo ovronnaz suisse anti aging the power dissipation low, only the oscillator and divider chain are powered permanently. Periodically, the updated division ratio and bi-frequency duty cycle are calculated on a dedicated hardware or a microcontroller using the output of a temperature sensor and stored calibration data obtained at three temperatures from both the thermal sensor and the resonator. These blocks are heavy duty cycled to yield negligible power overheads.

Figure 2 shows a micrograph of the 1 MHz resonator that is built on a SOI wafer by depositing and patterning a thin film of aluminum nitride together with its top and bottom electrodes and etching the resonator contour deep into the silicon. A backside cavity is then etched and the resonator is released before the rear side encapsulation is anti aging olaj tisztító módszer recept by low temperature fusion bonding with a silicon wafer or anodic bonding with pyrex.

Figure 2: Micrograph of the 3x1 mm 2 1 MHz AlN-driven resonator An under bump metallization UBM is also deposited during the device fabrication to form a sealing ring around the esonator together with electrical interconnects for subsequent flip-chip assembly with the top cap.

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The silicon top capping wafer is first covered with an insulated patterned aluminum conductive layer to redistribute the contacts to the outside, coated with an UBM and eventually electroplated with gold and tin layers to form mirrored interconnects and seal ring.

A tightly controlled reflow process is then applied to form the Au-Sn eutectic phase guaranteeing homogeneous, smooth and void free structures required for flip-chip assembly. Resonator and capping wafers are then diced to yield singulated components that are assembled individually in a two step reflow process wafer level encapsulation was not considered at this phase.

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The two dies are first softly attached by tacking in a flip-chip bonder and then reflowed in a vacuum oven to yield hermetic vacuum-sealed resonators. Figure 3 shows a SEM cross-section of the all-silicon zero-level packaged silicon resonator. The sealing ring is barely visible to the left of the picture above the resonator that is about µm thick.

The overall thickness reaches 1. There is however great room for improvement since buried cavities in the SOI handle could be used to eliminate backside capping and thinned IC wafers to serve as top cap. Their figure of merit Q-factor times coupling of the mode exceeds 80 and compares very well with that of state-of-the-art quartz. A specific CMOS 0. The two ICs, while on the same die, do not share any electrical connection and hence communicate via a serial interface bus implemented at board level.

The thermally compensated 32 kHz clock serves as the microcontroller main clock. The thermal compensation algorithm was implemented on the controller together with a LCD module driver and the decoding of an on-board DCF77 atomic center thermo ovronnaz suisse anti aging AM receiver chip signal for ultimate time and frequency reference. The demonstrator, which is pictured in Figure 4, displays ondemand the RTC state, the system temperature, the time error between the RTC and the DCF77 reference and an estimate of the instantaneous frequency error of the compensated clock.

All these data, together with an indirect measurement of the cavity pressure are continuously datalogged on an EEPROM to perform aging and reliability investigations of the novel proposed time-base solution.

The measurement was taken in two steps: after heating the sample at 50°C followed by a temperature frequency pairs data-logging during its return to ambient and similarly after cooling down to 0°C. The clock stability is better than ±10 ppm and shows a remaining linear dependence of 0.

It is currently limited by the accuracy of the calibration center thermo ovronnaz suisse anti aging determining the compensation parameters. The standard deviation of the frequency at a stable temperature is close to 0. Numerical simulations show that it could be further reduced by averaging the temperature data.

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Ruffieux, et al. Meister, M. Favre, J. Przybylska, R. Ischer, T. Overstolz, P. Niedermann, A. Hoogerwerf, M. Schnieper, S.

Dasen, G. Gruener, J. Auerswald, S. Generelli, M. Liley, P. Vettiger, H. Heinzelmann An instrument that allows the acquisition in parallel of several atomic force microscopy images or force curves has been developed. Data acquisition uses one- or two-dimensional arrays of cantilevers, and can be performed in air or in liquid. Different kinds of probe arrays have been developed to address specific biological applications.

Atomic force microscopy AFM techniques have made enormous progress in recent years, especially in the field of nanobiotechnology [ 1]. These techniques allow scientists to observe, characterize and manipulate biological and molecular systems in their native environment, for example, determining the mechanical properties of living cells or measuring interaction forces between ligand-receptor pairs.

AFM manufacturers have developed special instruments for bio-applications, integrating temperature-controlled fluidics chambers to reproduce the native environment of biological samples usually 37°C in aqueous mediaand mounting them on an inverted optical microscope for concurrent fluorescence imaging. The BioTool platform has been developed with the aim of overcoming this limitation.

BioTool uses arrays of cantilevers anti aging fények one- or two-dimensions.

Natalia Klenova. Photo non contractuelle.

The 3-dim positions of these cantilevers in the array can be measured in parallel using a Michelson interferometer and imaging optics. The resulting interferogram is captured by a CMOS camera and analysed using dedicated software in order to determine the deflection of each cantilever.

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Figure 1 shows the setup of the BioTool platform. The sample is placed on top of a piezoelectric nanopositioning stage that can be scanned in three dimensions. Two data acquisition modes can be used.

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In the first mode, the probe array is scanned parallel to the sample surface and the deflection of the cantilevers is measured as a function of their location in order to determine the topography of the sample. In the second mode, known as force spectroscopy, the probe array is moved perpendicularly to the sample surface z-axis. Here the deflections of the cantilevers are determined as a function of the distance to center thermo ovronnaz suisse anti aging sample.

This mode is used to precisely measure the local mechanical properties of the sample, or to measure adhesion forces. Figure 1: Conceptual sketch of the parallel detection scheme and picture of the BioTool platform 12 Different types of cantilever arrays have been developed in order to address diverse bio-applications: i Two-dimensional polymeric probe arrays are being developed for force spectroscopy, to determine the mechanical properties of cells in parallel.

These arrays are made by a sol-gel replication process Figure 2a and have tips with a well-defined radius of curvature. The arrays have been designed to be cheap and disposable. These probes have sharp tips and will be used for high resolution topographical investigations e. When connected to a probe holder equipped with microfluidic delivery channels, these probes can be used for nanoscale dispensing NADIS of liquids, for example, to write high density microarrays.

Figure 2: Examples of probes used on the BioTool platform. Optical images of a a polymeric and b a silicon nitride probe array scale bar µm.

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Figure 3: Force-distance curves measured on a hard sample in parallel in a liquid environment First experimental measurements have demonstrated the use of the platform to operate 2D cantilever arrays in a liquid environment. Figure 3 shows the first force-distance curves obtained in parallel in water. Müller, Y. Dufrêne, "Atomic force microscopy as a multifunctional molecular toolbox in nanobiotechnology", Nature Center thermo ovronnaz suisse anti aging.

Masa, E. Franzi, J. Pierer, J. Mayor, C. Urban, D. Fengels Linear, rotary and 2D optical, absolute position encoder principle combines several competitive features such as sub-nanometric resolution over practically infinite range, up to 1 MHz sampling rate, compact design, optic-less imaging and robustness.

Novel linear, rotary and 2D optical, absolute position encoders, combining several competitive features such as bit resolution per mm, compact design and robustness, were built and demonstrated. The principle of operation is shown in Figure 1. The position of the code-plate with respect to the imager is measured. The light emitted by the LED traverses through the code-plate while being modulated by the code pattern and finally captured by the image sensor.

Highresolution absolute position information is obtained by processing the typically ten-thousand-pixel image.

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Figure 1: Main components of the position measurement: the pattern on the code-plate is projected on to the image sensor. The pattern on the code-plate is composed of two different markings: 1 a binary code and 2 a regular grating. A 2-dimensional proprietary code example is shown in Figure 2. In this case the regular grating is composed of an array of squares while orientation of the diagonal bars encodes the 2D absolute position. Coarse absolute position is obtained by decoding the binary code, which is seen at a given position by the sensor.

Within one period of the binary code, a fine position measurement is attained by Fourier analysis of the regular grating at the fundamental frequency. Robustness, precision and very high resolution is guaranteed by heavily oversampling the pattern typically pixels per pattern period and relying on the phase information which is distributed in the entire image among thousands of pixels.

Figure 2: The 2D pattern of the code-plate is projected to and captured by the image sensor. Absolute position is encoded by the bar-orientations.

Regular grating facilitates high-resolution position measurement within one code-period. The combination of the coarse and the fine measurements yields very high-resolution over practically infinite range.

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Because the principle uses information distributed over the complete field of view, neither precise marking nor complex optical substrates are required. For example, in reflective setup, laser marking on metal or plastic substrate is suitable. Figure 3: Absolute encoder demonstrators: 1-Dimensinal linear encoder right and 2-Dimensional encoder left. System implementation is highly flexible.

In a basic configuration as shown in Figure 3, the code-pattern is illuminated with a LED; the image is captured on a standard USB camera and the signal is processed on an external CPU yielding up to Hz sampling rate.

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Finally, to fully optimize size, speed, cost and power consumption a dedicated encoder ASIC is used, whose design is specific to the application [ 2]. Such solutions may provide few cubic centimeter encoder solutions reaching 1 MHz sampling rate. Ruedi, et al. Papers, Feb. Mortara, et al. Baechler, C. Lotto, E. Franzi, P. Ruedi, P. Heim, M. Morgan, A. Stuck, M. Schnieper, C. Winnewisser, R.

Stanley, A. Dunbar, M. Chrapa, C. Bosshard, G. Spinola Durante, C. Urban, R. Kaufmann, A. In this project, CSEM wants to investigate the most promising combinations to achieve stable color, polarization, and magnification effects using replication and plasmonic techniques on top of image sensors.

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Other aspects include the integration of OLED light sources at the surface of an image sensor, the use of thin and thick Germanium layers for effective NIR near-IR and X-ray direct detectors, and finally the integration of a DSP-core as close as possible to the active imaging part to locally process huge amounts of raw image data. The principal goal is to study heterogeneous systems anti aging kezelés arcra on smart combinations of CMOS image sensors and microelectrode arrays MEAs with additional layers placed on top of those detectors.

These layers include the development and characterization of polarization and colour spectral filters made of zero-order replication grids and plasmon structures.

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The development of direct detectors for X-ray imaging without any additional scintillator plate providing higher sensitivity and spatial resolution is another important topic of the SUMO-MIP.

Two basic approaches are pursued. The first one is based on the combination of a germanium Ge wafer with a dedicated read-out integrated circuit ROIC and bond bumping technologies. CSEM packaging experts are working on bump techniques for 2Darrays at a pitch of less than 50 µm. First daisy chain test arrays are produced and will be characterized early The second approach targets the monolithic integration of Ge photodiodes in a CMOS process including circuitry.

Thin Ge layers 3 µm were successfully demonstrated as suitable for near infrared imaging.