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    caprices fesztivál crans montana suisse anti aging

    November 1, We all know that the events industry has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, however, things are starting to look up with festivals and events taking place once again.

    We were so happy to have attended our first big event since early last year this past month.

    We attended the Caprices Festival in the Swiss Alps just a few weeks ago! We accessed the stage via the ski lift gondola, and it was such an amazing way to enter a music festival.

    caprices fesztivál crans montana suisse anti aging

    This year there were two other stages as well, the Forest Stage and the Signal Stage. Both were also accessed via ski gondolas, up in caprices fesztivál crans montana suisse anti aging mountains of the resort. This area is located about a two-hour drive east of Geneva.

    caprices fesztivál crans montana suisse anti aging

    We spent a day in Geneva before heading to the mountains. We stayed at the Four Seasons Geneva before heading to Crans Montana The resort is accessible either via car or train. But once you are there, you do not need a car, everything is very walkable.

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    5. Caprices Festival Crans- Montana - Kenleaks Magazine
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    So there are plenty of options if you are coming into town for Caprices. We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Royallocated just minutes from the gondola to head up to the Modernity Stage. The Hotel Royal is a quintessential Swiss Alpine hotel—the cozy vibes are off the charts!

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    Our room had a beautiful balcony overlooking the hills and the mountains and in September that meant waking up to a beautiful green landscape and a bright blue sky. Each morning we also got to enjoy their delicious breakfast featuring lovely fresh pastries, sausages, eggs, and fruit.

    caprices fesztivál crans montana suisse anti aging

    Oh, and the cappuccinos were delicious as well. With the creation of a COVID-free-zone, all restrictions inside the festival will be lifted so guests can not only feel safe, they can also fully enjoy the festival as they have in years past.

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    The Festival Big names played at Caprices. The anti age complete pulver erfahrungen of seeing these international acts play in a setting as unique and as beautiful as on the top of a Swiss mountain was just the perfect way to return to big events like this.

    With plenty of space, fresh air, and sunshine, this was such a fun way to return to Switzerland after two years!

    A spectacular festival experience in the middle of the ski region. Caprices Festival is world-renowned for its one-of-a-kind and eye-catching glass Modernity Stage shown abovewhich is located at the tip of the Swiss alps in the scenic ski resort of Crans-Montana.

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