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Best face wash for acne and wrinkles

Share now I think everyone is guilty of using bar soaps to wash our faces, instead of using facial wash.

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This happens especially when we get in the shower and forget to grab our facial cleanser, we feel lazy to step out again. Because it is such a hassle, we use that bar soap just to be done with washing the skin on our face.

Believe it or not, I am also guilty of using bar soaps, especially when I am too tired to care about the difference between these two!

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We think that since they can clean our skin and remove dirt and debris, they are one and the same thing. But we are just so wrong!

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Our face is more exposed to dirt throughout the day. Constant using of bar soaps to wash our face can actually cause more breakouts. Soaps strip away our skin's natural oils.

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This makes our skin produce more oil. These excess oils clog our pores and eventually cause acne breakouts. The pH of the skin on our face is between 5.

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A bar soap has a pH level betweenwhich is too alkaline for your face. So, instead of doing good, your soap actually causes more harm on your skin. Therefore, facial wash should be used when cleaning your face. Facial wash is the best choice because it gently removes dirt, oil and debris.

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It refreshes your skin to give you a more moisturized and fresh look. It also maintains your pH level which helps your skin to be hydrated.

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Well-hydrated skin delays signs of aging and wrinkles. It also helps minimize your pores, which prevents debris build-up and decreasing acne breakouts.

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For oily skin, it is best to get gel or foamy cleansers, while it is best to have a cream-based cleanser for dry skin. Select also a cleanser which has a balanced pH to avoid stripping your skin of natural oils and to prevent your skin from drying out.

There are plenty of facial washes that may be a good match for your skin here at Niniko.

Az arcbőr specialistája - Bejelentkezés: 06 30 Száraz, vízhiányos bőr kezelése! Very dry skin is a common problem that we have to deal with after the age of 20 years. Since our skin is the largest organ and our primary line of defense against environmental hazards, bacteria, irritants, smog and UV radiation, it is extremely important to preserve your health. Over time, our skin is constantly losing its collagen and hyaluronic acid content, reducing its hydration and elasticity.