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    Leírás Description: The product is a glycolic extract obtained from the herbal plant, recognized for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-spasm and healing effects. It is to be used by external applications in case of lumboscia, rheumatism, wounds and burns.

    An excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic; is used successfully for scarring and small wounds and for epithelialization; due to the special formula, easily penetrates into tissues with antispasmodic effect on the muscles. Directions for use: Apply to the skin in a thin layer and massage vigorously until fully absorbed.

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    The plant is known especially for the ability to rebuild the muscles. But its multiple active principles recommend it in various other problems: circulatory, articular and infectious. Arnica is one of the few plants whose active principles, especially those that give it anti-inflammatory properties no - helenalineare recognized by the World Health Organization.

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    In fact, this is the quality on which it is used in various health problems that also involve an inflammatory process. Other notable active compounds in the plant are carotenoids, flavonoids both with antioxidant action and a series of volatile oils.

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