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Putyin elképesztő mennyiségű kritikát kap, főleg Amerikából, amelyek nagy része üres szóbeszéd, nem veszi figyelembe a valóságot és nem tartalmaz reális analízist.

A figyelmesebbek hiányolják az őszinte kritikát, mert amik vannak, azok főleg propagandával vannak kitömve. For the more thoughtful, it represents only the stink and noise of propaganda, and not honest criticism in its true sense at all.

I think there can be no doubt, Putin is just such a person, and I am very much inclined to say, the preeminent one of our time. He has an outsized impact in the world only because he represents the most powerful country on earth and has embraced all the prejudices and desires of its power establishment, not because of the skillfulness of his actions or the insight of his mind.

Obama made a better public impression, but if you analyze his actions, you see a man of immense and unwarranted ego, a very secretive and unethical man, and a man who held no worthy ideals he promoted. He was superficial in many things. And he was completely compliant to the power establishment, leaving no mark of his own to speak of. The country was put through desperate straits, literally its own great depression with people begging or selling pathetic trinkets on the streets.

And America made no real effort to assist. Indeed, quite the opposite, it kicked someone who was down and tried to shake all the loose change from his pockets. He was, of course, excoriated by the United States, but to the best of my understanding, he did what was necessary for progress. The results are to be seen in a remarkably revitalized Russia. Everywhere, important projects are underway. Putin also has committed Russia to offering the world grain crops free of all GMOs and other contaminants, a very insightful effort to lock-in what have been growing premium markets for such products, even among Americans.

The military, which badly declined after the fall of the USSR, has been receiving new and remarkable weapons, the products of focused research efforts. New high-tech tanks, artillery, ships, and planes.

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The effects of that accumulated over many years. The USSR always did maintain the ability to produce big engineering projects such as dams and space flight, but it was always sorely lacking in the small and refined things of life that an efficient economy automatically sees are provided.

Az idei Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál egyik különlegessége volt a március 31 - egyik különlegesség eskuvohatterzene.

The new strategic weapons are an unfortunate necessity, but the United States threatens Russia as perhaps never before with the expansion of NATO membership right to the Russian border, something breaking specific American promises of years back.

And it has been running tanks all over Europe and then digging them in them right at the frontier just to make a point. It has deployed multiple-use covered missile launchers not far from the border which may as easily contain offensive intermediate-range ground-to-ground nuclear missiles as the defensive anti-missile missiles claimed to be their purpose. And it has torn up one of the most important anti aging ital nasa aszteroida treaties we had, the INF Treaty, pertaining to intermediate-range missiles.

Intermediate-range nuclear missiles based in Europe give the United States the ability to strike Russia with little warning, their ten-minute flight path compares to a roughly thirty-minute flight path for an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ICBM coming from America.

Antalffy Tibor, az ország legidősebb bloggere.

These are extremely de-stabilizing, as are the counter-measures Russia felt it must take, Russian intermediate-range nuclear missile aimed at European centers. Europeans appreciated no longer becoming the immediate battlefield in a nuclear war. But relations with the United States have now entered a new world, and it is not a brave one.

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Despite its readiness to participate in all Western organizations, forums, and discussions, it is viewed with a new hostility by America. It is arbitrarily regarded as an opponent, as an ongoing threat.

As I discuss below, America, too, has been kind of in a decline, and the response of its leadership to that fact involves flexing its muscles and extracting concessions and privileges and exerting a new dominance in the world, a response not based in economic competition and diplomatic leadership, a response carrying a great deal of danger. And, very importantly, its response is one that involves not only bypassing international organizations, but, in many cases, working hard to bend them to its purposes.

It has in the recent past refused for considerable periods to pay its treaty-obliged dues until it saw changes it unilaterally demanded. In general, it has intimidated an international organization into better accommodating American priorities, including very much imperial ones opposed to what the UN is supposed to be about.

A játék az őrültködés egyik legkulturáltabb formája A játék kerettörténete azért különösen érdekes, mert a Trekyk számára ismerős szerzőpárosnak Dorothy Fontananak és Derek Chesternek sikerült egyetlen sztoriba összehozni mind az öt jól ismert kapitányt. A kifejezés PC-n viszonylag ismeretlen, nem véletlenül: számítógépünk általában a szoba egyik sarkába van száműzve, úgyhogy házibulik alkalmával ritkán tömörül a nép a gép előtt. Évforduló van, az összegezések ideje, ám mivel a terjedelem kötött, történések meg voltak dögivel, engedtessék meg, hogy ennek címszavas formátumban fussunk neki.

And it has nuxe nuxellence zone regard soin anti age yeux 15 ml this intimidation and non-cooperativeness to influence the nature of leadership anti aging ital nasa aszteroida the UN, the last few Secretaries-General being timid on very important matters and ineffective in general.

A harsh Neocon like Madeleine Albright won her government-service spurs at the UN by engineering the departure of an unwanted Secretary-General.

Promoting coups is not a new activity for the United States. But cvs szemránckrém recent coup in Ukraine represented something rather new, a very provocative activity right on a major Russian border.

It was also against an elected government and in a country which shares with Russia a history and culture going back more than a thousand years to the predecessor state of Kievan Rus.

Yes, there are resentments in Ukraine from the Soviet era, and those are what the United States exploited, but the country was democratically governed. In any event, staging a coup in a large bordering country is a very serious provocation. You can just imagine the violent American reaction to one in Mexico or Canada. The new, post-coup government in Ukraine also made many provocative and plainly untrue statements.

The ineffective, and frequently ridiculous, President Poroshenko kept telling Europeans that Russian troops and armor were invading his country. Only his brave army was holding the hordes back. He was literally that silly at times. Of course, none of it was ever true.

American spy satellites would quickly detect any Russian movement, and they never did. In an effort to put the wild claims into perspective, treating them with the contempt they deserved, Putin once said that if he wanted to, he could be in Kiev in two weeks.

Undoubtedly true, too. Journalism in the service of government policy — all of it, from the most elevated newspapers and broadcasters to the humblest.

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And I think that nicely illustrates the absurdity of events in Ukraine and the way they have been used. The United States paid for the coup in Ukraine.

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The idea was to threaten Russia with the long Ukrainian border being put into genuinely hostile hands. Never mind that the government anti aging ital nasa aszteroida from office with gunfire in the streets from paid thugs was democratically elected.

Never mind that many of the groups with which the United States cooperated in this effort were right-wing extremists, a few of them resembling outright Nazis, complete with armbands, symbols, and torchlight parades. Those two regions partly turned the tables by seceding from Ukraine with its government which early-on worked to suppress historic Russian-language rights and carried on a lot of activities to make those with any Russian associations feel very unwelcome.

While Washington greatly failed in this effort, it nevertheless succeeded in generating instability and hostility along a major Russian border.

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It also gained talking points with which to pressure NATO into some new arrangements. In the case of Crimea, it is important to remember that it has been Russian since the time of Catherine the Great.

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It only was in recent history that Crimea became part of Ukraine, and that happened with the stroke of a pen, an administrative adjustment during the days of the USSR, the very USSR the people now running Ukraine so despise, rejecting almost everything ever done, except for the administrative transfer of Crimea apparently. Just one of those little ironies of history.

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How can you call the results of free and open votes annexation? Well, only the same way you can tell the twice-elected President of Venezuela that he is not President and that another man, who did not even run in the election and administered the oath of office to himself, is the President.