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    Pick-up option is unavailable at this time, due to the temporary closure of our Melbourne store.

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    Return Policy All sales are final. We do accept returns for refund, exchange for items received in error.

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    All our orders are packed with special care using heavy-duty bubblewrap and anthea anti aging book-mailers or bubble mailers for smaller booksusing reinforcement where required and water-proofed with mailing satchels. We cannot take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged parcels.

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    Interested in selling your old books, catalogues, journals, magazines, comics, zines, ephemera? We are always looking for interesting, unusual and out-of-print books to buy.

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    We only buy books in our fields of interest and specialty, and that we feel we can resell. We base these prices on desirability, market value, in-print prices, condition and our current stock levels.

    We offer cash, store credit, and can take stock on consignment. Sell your books any day of the week.

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    You can drop them off and return later. If you have a lot of books, we can visit your Sydney home.

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    We buy books that we feel we can resell.