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DreiszigerThomas R. IV, No. Halasz de Beky University ofTorontoRev. Charles H. Uren Carleton UniversityFerenc A. Vali University ofMassachusettsS.


Since its launchinginthe Review has been committed to the policy ofproviding a non-partizan forum forthescholarly discussionand analysis of issues in Hungarian history, politics andcultural affairs. The Review is published by the Hungarian Readers'Service, a non-profit organization incorporated by federalstatute in Canada.

Please direct inquiries to Dr. Harcsar for address seebelow. Sustaining memberships in the Hungarian Readers'ServiceInc. Donations in support of the HRS areincome tax deductible in Canada.

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Statements or opinions expressed in the Review arethose of the individual authors and do not necessarilyreflect the views of the HRS Inc. Ferenc HarcsarExecutive ManagerP. All rights reserved. BaloghYaleUniversityLouis A. His articles on Canadian and Hungariantopics have appeared in three collections of papers and nine scholarlyperiodicals including the Journal of Modern History and the CanadianHistorical Association's Historical Papers.

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During the past few yearsDr. We could have planned the publishing of a book ofessays, a kind of belated Festschrift, as an expression of our lastrespects and sorrow.

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But such an ambitious undertaking wouldhave involved years of preparations and could have strained ourmeagre financial resources. As an alternative we chose to dedicateone of the Review's issues to Watson Kirkconnell's memory,and fill it mainly with essays and reviews fitting for the occasion.

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Accordingly, in the first part of this issue we feature studies onsubjects that had been dear to Kirkconnell in his lifetime: Hungarianpoetry and verse translation. 4ever young anti aging ottawa exception is the firstarticle which examines the historical significance of Kirkconnell'sliterary and other-than-literary activities as far as Canadians ofHungarian background are concerned.

In Part II of this issue we are proud to offer a taste ofKirkconnell's verse translation from Hungarian. Our sample istaken from his rendering of Janos Arany's epic poem, Toldi, intoEnglish.

The poem celebrates the exploits of Miklos [Nicholas]Toldi, a Hungarian lad of legendary strength, during the middleages. A complete version of Kirkconnell's translation of Toldiwill be published separately by the Hungarian Readers' Serviceas soon as circumstances permit.

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The third part of this special issue contains book reviews in thevarious fields of Hungarian studies. Although most of them donot relate to the realm of poetry or literature, it was thought bestto print them in this volume rather than in the spring issue of Many people have worked hard to make the appearance of thisspecial issue possible.

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Basa, Joseph St. Clair andStephen Scheer, as well as Mr. Maxim Tabory have each helpedwith the adjudication of one or two of the manuscripts. ProfessorThomas Spira spared much of his valuable time to do most of thecopy editing.

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Hope Kirkconnell has sent us pictures of herlate husband. Janet Kirkconnell supplied us with the manuscriptof her late father's rendition ofToldi. Harcsar has performedmany of the innumerable chores involved in getting thisvolume on our subscribers' desks.

To each of them we extend ourthanks. We also wish to acknowledge the offer of financial supportwhich has been received from the Hungarian Helicon Society ofToronto, and the "matching grant" which has been provided byOntario's Department of Culture and Recreation.


DreiszigerFriends of SmallNationsOne of history's lessons is that, without outside help, small nationsand weak 4ever young anti aging ottawa often become the victims of international ornational political conflicts as the Second World War amply illustrates. Contrary to common belief, the victimization of defenceless groups hasnot been confined to totalitarian states; often democratic societies arealso guilty.

Even the history of Canada, one of the world's most peacefulcountries, contains examples of unprovoked acts against minorities.

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In the history of mankind the sufferings of small nations and minoritygroups have been prevented or diminished through help coming fromone or more of the great powers. At other times, influential individualshave come to their aid.

True, most of the time help was contingent oneconomic or political concessions. Occasionally, however, aid had nostrings attached.


That influential statesmen, publicists and academicshave been able to do a great deal for small nations and minorities, hasbeen demonstrated many times in history. Two British publicists, R. Seton-Watson and H. Steed, for example, effectively promoted thecause of Czech independence during the closing years of the First WorldWar.

Hungary too, has had such influential sympathizers abroad. Oneof these was the English newspaper magnate, Lord Rothermere.

Anotherwas Professor C.